Inter Service Migrants Méditerranée

Break the barrer of languages

Facilitating dialogue

We answer to the concret needs of people who can't express themselves in French, in order for them to be heard, have access to their rights and be understood.
Created in 1984, ISM Med is a social and non-profit association under the French law of 1901

Our objective is to facilitate relations between people who can not easely express themselves in French and the host society, through traduction and interpretation.We help to deal with situations of daily life, we make possible many procedures with the institutions. We participate in the integration process and ensure access to fundamental rights of individuals

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How do we work

Located in the area of Noailles, in the heart of the city, we carry out a social action with the support of our network of professional interpreters and translators, volunteers and the State

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Joining ISM Med meens sharing our values by giving a bit of your time, enhancing your skills and developing social links.Your involvement may have a limited duration but is essential to help sustain the association

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